Leather, a natural covering for furniture, has been used for centuries due to its durability and long life expectancy. Today's leather is softer, and more comfortable, but still gives the longevity of times gone by. When top grain leather furniture is made with kiln dried maple frames and eight way hand-tied coil construction the result is furniture that will last many lifetimes and is extremely comfortable. Charterhall represents only the finest manufacturers of leather furniture and has grown to be a major retailer of these lines. Our trust in Stickley and Hancock & Moore's ability to deliver only the finest products is well deserved.



Today's upholstery fabrics are both colourful and durable, with some manufacturers offering over 1000 fabrics. When you add trim packages, accent welts, superior seats and backs, and special sizes a truly custom product is available. At Charterhall we can put together your masterpiece that will grace your room for many years, and be a unique reflection of your taste.